Feeling SAD?


Yes, fellow heliophiles and thalassophiles of the north, the season of SAD is upon us. You may have heard of seasonal affective disorder which is known to strike as Pumpkin Spice season turns rainy and cold and trees shed their colorful crowns that were once vibrant in the fall sunshine. The reality of the impending winter begins to set in and hot girl summer is still months away. The most common symptom of SAD is usually feeling sad or moody most of the day, which can last two or more weeks and can affect your performance at work or in social settings. In more sever cases it can cause fatigue, sleep issues, eating problems, withdrawal and other symptoms of depression.   

So, whether you grew up on the beach or just dream about it everyday, here is my survival guide to avoid getting SAD this season!

  • Drink fruit infused water – my go to is mint and lime slices
  • Take vitamin D supplements
  • Get a sun lamp (there’s a reason why it’s also known as a SAD lamp!)
  • Drink fruit smoothies especially with citrus fruits for vitamin C and berries for antioxidants
  • Put on an island vibes playlist (I have a mix of KYGO, bachata, salsa, steel drums and various reggaeton hits I picked up throughout my travels)
  • Scroll through summer vibes on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram
  • Light some fresh summery scented candles (Marshalls/Homesense has a great selection year round!) 
  • Buy yourself some bright colored flowers – when I feel down I opt for some pink or yellow Gerbera daisies to brighten up my room
  • Wear bright colors – just because everyone on your commute to work is wearing all black doesn’t mean you can’t have a red coat or a fuchsia sweater (even a white top can go a long way!) 
  • Plan a tropical vacation even though it might not be in cards for the near future – Just because you can’t buy it doesn’t mean you can’t look! As soon as cloudy days become more prevalent, I pop open Sky Scanner and Hostel World just to see what my trip planning powers have the ability to conjure up
  • Watch a cheesy summer movie – just last weekend, my friend E and I decided to combat SAD with a fruit platter, Step Up Revolution and Blue Crush 2 (might be two of the cheesiest movies ever but the tropical vibes are real!) 

And remember, winter won’t last forever! (even though sometimes it may feel like it…) Until then, you can always make your own sunshine! 🙂 

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