Why You Need to Visit New York City in the Spring

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If you love Manhattan as much as I do, you’ll probably agree that it wears each season well, despite nature’s mood swings. Rain or shine, bloom or snow, this city always seems to pull it off. This past weekend I seized an opportunity to visit NYC via one of my glamorous day trips, motivated by the impending ice storm heading for Toronto. Believe me, it really did a number on this place. Although I still managed to experience the displeasure of this storm’s icy effects upon my return on Sunday, I enjoyed the most beautiful Saturday, basking in Manhattan’s sunshine.

I’ve read many guides to Spring in NYC urging me to visit numerous places scattered throughout the city. However, when you only give yourself about 12 hours to see it all, you end up having to pick and choose and hope for the best.

I started my day with the Upper West Side – 72nd and Broadway.

I made my way along 72nd across Central Park passing by Bow Bridge with its beautiful view of the San Remo towers, through Bethesda Terrace, around the Boathouse and down 5th Ave to the Plaza.

Then I took the tramway to Roosevelt Island. I find this island very underrated – especially in its views. When it comes to the Manhattan skyline, DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights seem to get most of the credit. But when you add cherry blossoms, Roosevelt Island can definitely hold its own.

Next was a straight walk down Broadway from Herald Square,

around the Flatiron (also a mandatory stop at Eataly for lunch),

through Union Square,

and stopping at Washington Square Park to join what seemed like the entire city on the grass in sunbathing hangouts. Honestly, this was the highlight of my day. After a 12 hour bus ride from the land of ice and six hours of walking, nothing made me happier than laying down on the grass, feeling the sunshine soaking into my skin and taking in the fact that I was back in my favorite city, even if just for the day.

Convinced yet? Total spring overload. I know. But after an entire childhood in the sunshine, one day of loading up on flora and vitamin D is mandatory for my continued functionality in Toronto given its icy predisposition. Other awesome views of blossoms I missed? Let me know!

Until next time!

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