That time we accidentally found a private beach club

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Our “trip” to Bali can be more accurately described as a “series of unpredictable adventures.” On one such adventure, O and I were simply looking for the beach in Uluwatu. As we set out on the way we initially thought was the way to the beach, we passed several individuals, each with a different set of instructions for finding a beach. (That’s because each person was referring to a different beach, something we didn’t know at the time.) The last couple we asked just told us to keep going because we were almost there. OK. Cool. So we took their advice. (But first we made a small detour to visit some temple ruins that we came across along the way.) When we got to the “end” of the road, there was a building and a security guard standing in front of the only door. So we decided to ask for directions to the beach, being the friendly and resourceful Canadians that we were. After a few gestured and confusing exchanges we were led out to the stairs of the most incredible, secluded and upscale beach club we could have ever imagined. (I later found out that this place is called Ulu Cliffhouse.)

There were many stairs. Felt like even more on the way up after a couple of Bintangs. But with each flight we descended, we couldn’t help but stop for a photo shoot. The views were just so incredible! When we finally reached the bottom deck, we were greeted by a fun and friendly staff and an abundance of ocean view cabanas. The sun was casting a mid-afternoon golden glow, the Bintangs were cold and the air was salty. Also, there was no one else there. For about two solid hours we had a private beach club in Bali all to ourselves. Paradise. I realize we were looking for the beach but when you find a beach club overlooking seriously blue water, you kinda need to chill there for a bit.

This feeling was only rivaled by the next 20-ish minutes that we spent playing in the crashing waves, an extra million (I exaggerate…slightly) stairs down to the beach. The sand was warm and the water was cool. It was incredible, just climbing around the rocks and dodging waves. Feet buried in the sand. Salty water on my skin. I was amazed at the types of shells, rocks and coral scattered on this beach. Again, no one here except us.

So yeah, that’s the story of how we accidentally ended up at an expensive private beach club. 10/10 would recommend accidentally wandering here if you’re ever in the neighborhood 😉