Toronto Christmas Market

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Twinkly lights, snowy nights and a warm cup of Christmas cheer. That basically sums up Distillery District’s annual  Christmas Market. I know it’s rare that I post something about the city I live in but a walk through this historic neighborhood at Christmastime is not unlike making a short but sweet pit-stop in one of Europe’s charming towns during the holidays. And that’s why I venture to this winter wonderland all season, starting with its mid-November snowy opening day. 

Whichever bleak, frosty way you take to arrive at this winter wonderland, a warm aura of Christmas vibes is there to greet you at each entrance. Gingerbread house themed kiosks line cobblestone walkways, slowly accumulating the falling fluffy clusters of snowflakes, a canopy of twinkly lights is strung overhead and draped over every building facade, and every lamppost is dressed in an evergreen wreath and a vibrant red bow. As you walk along the cobblestone lane, familiar carols ring through the air. And finally, as you turn the corner into the town square, the huge evergreen dressed in red and gold stands as the main attraction.

This Christmas market is the perfect blend of German tradition with Canadian authenticity and just happens to be an Instagrammer’s dream and a foodie’s paradise! From local favorites like poutine and grilled cheese with a holiday twist to German staples including giant soft pretzels and schnitzel sandwiches, you’ll be in a food coma before you even get to the tree. Personally, I’m a big fan of the s’mores mini donuts from Holey Dough because s’mores, duh, and the Christmas dinner grilled cheese from Artisan Grilled Cheese which is basically a whole Christmas dinner complete with cranberry sauce, turkey, and of course, cheese (just trust me on this one) in every bite.  

And when the magic of Christmas is no longer enough to keep you warm, head over to Whisky Wonderland or the Mill Street Beer Garden for some spiked holiday favorites such as hot apple cider, hot chocolate, hot toddy or the classic mulled wine.

Although you haven’t actually teleported to a quaint European town square, this market is sure to ignite that Christmas spirit! 

Merry Christmas! 

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